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We are… creative, driven, curious, flexible, and knowledgeable.

We exist to help your business thrive and grow, to help prepare learners for the jobs of the future rather than the jobs of our past.

Meet Paul...

Hi! I’m Paul, founder of Demystifi and father of a five aside football team. A story for another day. If I’m not at my desk, eating biscuits or brewing up a coffee, you'll find me cycling around the country lanes before the working day begins...

I’ve been in the EdTech, ELearning, and Education sectors for over two decades. I started out working for well-known multi-national brands before moving into the faster-paced VC-backed pre-revenue startups and scaleups.


A few years ago, life looked very different. Not quite the life of "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles", but I have officially lost count of the number of countries I’ve travelled to for sales meetings and industry events! My work has been varied, covering governments to corporations, colleges to individuals, in almost every channel. I first served well, and then learned to lead well. I’ve met amazing people along the way, and am fortunate enough to have found great mentors - I've made plenty of mistakes and enjoyed my fair share of successes.


We are in a period of systemic societal and technological change. Change is as challenging as it is an opportunity. And to this end, I founded Demystifi - to help companies turn curiosity into confidence. I can’t claim to be an expert on it all, but I am however, passionately curious and a lifelong learner. My experience in industry is holistic - grassroots to senior, creative to practical. Today, I use that knowledge to help emerging Edtech, eLearning, and Education companies thrive and grow.

This is my passion, as I’m sure it is yours, too. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Doing Business the Right Way

Doing Business The Right Way

We are Social Enterprise UK partners and share a vision for a fairer world where business is a force for good, with equal consideration for people, the planet, and profit.


We use our profits and surplus to make a positive impact, environmentally and by supporting young entrepreneurs in our local community. Demystifi reinvests at least half its surpluses towards meaningful and positive social change.

Our Promise to You:

Transparency - We work with honesty, integrity, and authenticity; only taking on clients where we believe we can add true long-term value and meaningful change. 


Accessible - We appreciate that all companies and organisations are different. We take a flexible and open approach and work alongside our clients to support their unique objectives.


Measurable results - We assess, map successes, and use the available data and insights to adapt our approach and deliver value. 


Repeatable success, not one offs - We work with clients to develop a playbook of clear, repeatable processes – that support their objectives and goals.

Scalability - We believe marketing, sales, and customer service teams should work as one. We build processes and functions that work to unify and scale as you grow.

What to Expect From Demystifi...

We all swim in a global marketplace, full of new cool trends and tactics, hacks, and apps promising quick wins. So, why should you choose us? At the end of the day, it comes down to what Demsyifi stands for, and how we treat our clients. 

You are at the centre of everything we do and we guarantee our work. We’re easy to work with and we promise clarity and honesty.

What We Can Do For You...


Market gap analysis, competitive landscape and positioning


As-Is and To-Be process mapping and design


Hands-on B2B customer business development


Connecting you with your ideal partners and customers


Customer clarity and target personas


Hands-on B2P partner business development


Playbook development, sales enablement, and lead generation


Key trends and opportunity mapping


Market onboarding and asset creation

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