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We help EdTech and eLearning companies grow and thive

 Demystifi is a socially-minded EdTech and eLearning Growth Consultancy for startups and SME's

What we do best

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Find and validate new growth opportunities in new markets.


Refine ideal client clarity, better understand what they want, what frustrates them, how you can help, and connect you with them.


Hands-on, in-market expertise to help your business break through the noise, thrive and grow.

How we can help  

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Inform your sales strategy


Actionable analysis to identify new market opportunities, gap, and competitor analysis.


Client clarity

Know thyself

Better understand what your clients want, what frustrates them, how you can help them, and demonstrate this to be authentic and true.



Increase your speed to market

Take the hassle out of finding and connecting with your ideal B2P and B2B clients.



Cutting through the noise efficiently


Develop omnichannel cadences, messaging, and sales tech stack.



Faster onboarding, and a smooth, effective workflow

We co-build bespoke playbooks for sales and RevOps teams.


B2B and B2P

Hands-on, in-market experience

Helping you build and implement your sales strategy.

 What people think 

“Working with Paul was easy. He was detail-oriented, focused, and results-driven. Paul managed to save us precious time in onboarding new staff and have them functioning and productive in a short period of time. He took the time to understand our purpose, our vision, and our goals, and was able to articulate that clearly to the new staff and give accurate and clear job-related training and  direction."


Hi, I'm Paul

Dad to five awesome kids, and an EdTech, and ELearning enthusiast for almost two decades... in my own time, cycling is my thing.

But this isn't about me - I founded Demystifi to help companies turn their healthy curiosity into actionable new market confidence. Doing business authentically and the right way is my passion. 


Resources to help you grow your EdTech and eLearning business. Insights, sales tips, teamwork, sales-tech, social selling and some other stuff.

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